Shadow Hunters – A V A T A R (Review)

Shadow HuntersShadow Hunters are a Norwegian rock band and this is their debut album.

Describing themselves as “modern energetic sci-fi rock”, I couldn’t come up with a better description so am quite happy to run with that.

The music is bright and full of sterling melodies and uplifting atmospheres.

The songs have an understated power to them. On first listen you can easily appreciate the quality of the music, but it’s on further spins that you really start to appreciate what the band have pulled off here; well-written songs that manage to hook the listener in, while keeping them entertained with hidden depths.

The band have a strong sci-fi symphonic edge that gives them quite an atmospheric sound; there’s a progressive aspect to the music in places too, albeit a truncated one to keep with the album’s overall brevity. When all this is combined with the anthemic vocals and accomplished songwriting, it makes for a very enjoyable album.

Although only a short release, (just over 30 minutes in length), the band manage to traverse many different moods and feelings across the playing time, making for quite a diverse and satisfying listen.

Highly recommended.


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