Human Vivisection – The Perpetual Gap (Review)

Human VivisectionHuman Vivisection are a death metal band from Belgium, this is their debut album.

This is brutal death metal replete with beatdowns and crushing groove; 35 minutes of brutality.

No matter how good an album like this actually is, (and some are certainly better than others), I still can’t help but always enjoy it to a point. The mindless brutality and lust for carnage that’s inherent in this kind of work is just so endearing. However, it’s how long the love affair lasts after the blood starts to congeal that’s the real test of a band of this ilk.

In the case of Human Vivisection, once the last victim has died there’s certainly enough fun to be had fingering the entrails and playing with the remaining limbs, so that’s all good.

The songs are as what you’d expect – brutal, heavy and full of destructive tendencies. Beatdowns and chugging murdertunes get thrown out with frenzied abandon, while blast beats are included, but almost as an afterthought to the mid-paced thuggery. The chunky riffs and heavy rhythms will have you banging your head furiously without you even knowing it. It’s also surprisingly catchy.

The last song, The Inevitable Confine of Existence, also shows a different side to the band, with a more atmospheric instrumental sound, including piano and lonesome guitar leads. Impressive.

Cap it all off with a singer who has a satisfyingly inhuman voice and you have a very enjoyable 35 minutes of ripping death metal.


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