Korpse – Unethical (Review)

KorpseThis is the second album from Korpse, who are a death metal band from the Netherlands.

This is brutal death metal with a hearty slam component. The band have a powerful sound and really go for the kill.

Heavy riffs rain heavily like a downpour as the band do their absolute best to flatten you. Blast beats and pounding drums make for brutal companions as the band savagely try to attack everything in sight.

You’ve gotta love it when a band plays as heavy as they can, and as fast as they can, all in an effort to make the sickest death metal they can. Kudos.

This may be single-minded in its intention, but the band combine the faster aspects with the groovier parts well, never staying too long in one or the other for things to get dull.

As for the singer? Well, he plays his part in this perfectly, performing the kind of deep, guttural growls that are just the right side of pignoise. I can’t fault him at all.

This is a really solid album full of quality slamming death metal. Sure, if you’re not overly taken on the style then you may want a bit more sophistication or melody or what have you, but for pure brutality that knows how to work the crowd and get things moving, Korpse have what it takes.

Check this out.

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