Ursut – Köp Dig Lycklig (Review)

UrsutThis is the second album by Ursut, a hardcore band from Sweden.

The first thing that strikes me about Ursut is the strong guitar sound. It’s thick, heavy and as black as tar. This is not to mention the winding leads and overal apocalyptic sound that greets you once you press play. Initially I thought I had the wrong band playing as this was closer to sludge/doom territory than anything, but then the d-beats started and the band go full-punk-ahead.

However; the above is indicative of Ursut’s ability to stray beyond the confines of the hardcore/crust/punk styles when it suits their needs. Aspects of doom, sludge and metal all appear at various parts on Köp Dig Lycklig, and it makes for a better listening experience than if they didn’t.

Having said that, though, the majority of the material here is aggressive hardcore, with the requisite confidence and swagger that you’d expect from the style. The songs are short, fiery and full of rage.

I find that I have to sometimes be in the mood for this kind of thing, but there’s something about Ursut which is a little different. I think it’s a combination of the aforementioned influences, added to the fact that there’s an undeniable energy to these tracks. The songs have an urgency about them which is infectious, and coupled with the fact that the band play them like they’re raw and bleeding, it makes for a very dynamic and vigorous experience.

If you’re partial to a bit of d-beat hardcore, then look no further than Ursut. They’ve got you covered.

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