Carnifliate – Slaughterlust (Review)

CarnifliateCarnifliate are a Slovenian death metal band and this is their début album.

Carnifliate play death metal with a bit of deathgrind and a sizeable chunk of huge grooves.

The songs are brutal and straight to the point, but they’re probably not quite what you think. In addition to the speed and brutality that you would expect from a release such as this, Carnifliate also show an aptitude for some good old 90s-style groove here and there. In fact, rather than be a complete blast-fest, as I was expecting, Slaughterlust is surprisingly riff-heavy and clearly played by people with a love for classic death metal and a good song.

Blast beats are used sparingly and only really to emphasise the heavier parts of their sound. This is a talented band and I like that their style of music is a little different to a lot of what’s doing the rounds these days. Songs like Vaginal Frostbite also show, (despite the name), a more considered and introspective side to the band. At least, until everything descends into blasting insanity, of course.

I imagine that some of these songs would go down an absolute storm live. There’s a definite energy to these tracks and even a bit of an old-school punk/hardcore vibe here and there, albeit one that’s wrapped up in the trappings of metal.

The singer has an enjoyable voice that he growls and screams with throughout. He gives a good performance and, like the rest of the music, shows himself to be quite versatile.

If groove-laden brutality and catchiness is your thing then I can heartily recommend Carnifliate. There are so many decent, bouncing riffs on here that it’s hard to stay still when you’re listening to it. In some ways this sounds straight out of the late 90s, but that’s no bad thing, and Slaughterlust has made me a very happy bunny indeed.

Check this out.

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