Infernal Diatribe – Videha Mukti (Review)

Infernal DiatribeThis is the début release from Infernal Diatribe, an Indian black metal band.

This is occult black metal, played with grim atmospheres and morbid delight.

Videha Mukti has a very satisfying production, with the drums in particular coming across well. Whether the drummer is throwing out blast beats, providing a firm double bass bedrock or merely playing a solid beat, it all gives the blackened guitars something to latch on to and spread out from like a vicious plague.

The music has elements of the Scandinavian style, replete with frosted melodies and engaging moods. Blackened riffs and icy leads are all well-played, allowing the listener to get caught up in the occult vibes that come off the songs in sickening waves.

The vocalist has a classic high-pitched scream that’s perfect for the style. I always like a good rasping croak with my black metal, sometimes the higher the better, and the singer here hits the spot for me quite nicely.

It sounds like the band have worked hard on these tracks; whatever they’ve done has paid off, as overall these songs have a lot of quality content on them to be savoured.


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