Sheidim – Shrines of the Void (Review)

SheidimSheidim are a Spanish black metal band and this is their début album.

This is orthodox black metal with a modern coating and a matching cover. It’s extreme, passionate, vicious and venomous.

Sheidim’s music is heavy and full of darkness, injecting streaks of colour through the blackened melodies that burn with intensity and passion, as does the band’s music as a whole.

Shrines of the Void is powerfully recorded and reeks of the darkest, grimmest black metal. The band have captured the aura of the style with a pristine production that takes nothing away from the music. The songs on this album are exemplars of the style and thoroughly enjoyable because of it.

The music is well-written and the band vary their performances with plenty of different speeds and moods. Some of the extended guitar leads/solos are particularly enjoyable.

The singer’s delivery is a shade deeper than that of some similar bands, and his malevolent incantations are a fitting accompaniment to the razorblade riffs and frosted grooves.

This is a 39 minute journey into the world of Sheidim, where dark, occult black metal reigns forever, with sharp melodies, blasting intensity and an iron will. It’s a journey I’ll be taking again, and I suggest you do too.

Highly recommended.


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