Interview with Raging Speedhorn

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After being away for far too long, the UK’s mighty Raging Speedhorn are finally back in action with the equally mighty Lost Ritual. John Loughlin, (one half of the ban’s vocal duo), brought me up to speed with everything going on in the Speedhorn camp…

Introduce us to Raging Speedhorn!

Raging Speedhorn are 6 guys playing music they love and having fun doing it. We sometimes enjoy a beer or 2 while doing this, we played shows and released albums between 1998 and 2008, had a 6 year break then started to play shows again in 2014, we’ve now recorded a new album and are ready get back out there and do it all again.

What are your influences?

We all listen to a lot of different music so it’s kinda hard to pin point influences but you can hear a lot of them in our music if you listen for it.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

I haven’t really had a lot of time to listen to new music since having my son last September as I’ve been busy spending time with him, (he likes Elton John to fall asleep to, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, daddy’s band and Led Zeppelin), but of the stuff I have had chance to listen to Boss Keloid’s new album Herb Your Enthusiasm is awesome, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes album Blossom is another great album. I’ve had a sneak preview of a couple of friends bands albums too The King is Blind’s album is brutal, Mage from Leicester are writing some great new riffs for their new album and Rsj from York’s new album is filthy, I also guested on the Rsj album and did a video keep your eyes peeled and ears at the ready or head over to their Facebook page to find out the release date.

What’s it feel like to have the band back together and at full-power once more?

It feels like I’ve jumped in a time machine and its 2002 again, although it does take a bit more out of me now after a show but it’s worth it to still put on the same kind of show.

Tell us about your latest release – what’s it all about?

It’s to us showing ourselves we can still write and record a good album, that we’re proud of and to give us something new to play in the set, and as always if people like it amazing, if not oh well.

How were the songs written?

Strangely enough not the way we normally work, this time we booked the studio with Russ Russell, started getting the album artwork ready and everything else we had in place and before we knew it the studio was a week away and we had 2 songs written, so we booked Frank’s rehearsal room out for the weekend and practised for 2 days and wrote 8 more songs and started recording the album on the Monday everything just fell into place and felt right everything just seemed to go so easily and there was never a point where we stopped ourselves and thought, “are we forcing this” every thing just felt natural, the way we had it in our heads and hopefully the fans will agree.

Raging Speedhorn Band

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Normally I don’t really tend to listen to our albums after we’ve had the final mix and master through mainly due to that fact that I know we’re gonna play most of those songs until I’m sick of hearing them but I can’t stop listening to this album. There’s a few tracks I like for different reasons, ones we had fun on, others we had crazy ideas on and some that have parts I can’t wait to do live but I couldn’t just pick one I’m still undecided on that at the moment.

Did you feel much pressure about releasing a new album after so much time?

Not really we knew it was all on our terms this time, nobody telling us we had to do this or ten other things. When we got back together it was originally for a few shows and maybe a tour, then we started enjoying ourselves and thought fuck it lets do an album, it was all our idea so there was never any pressure but what we put ourselves under, I think that’s why everything felt so relaxed in the studio even Russ. Now we’ve known Russ for a long time, but it was just easy he knew when we could do a better take and when it was time to move on and come back to it, for the way the album was written and recorded, (2 days writing and 2 weeks and 2 days recording), it actually was a pretty stress free environment.

How do you think Lost Ritual compares to the rest of your material?

We’re older, not that we’ve gone country or anything, we’ve just got better at cutting through the bullshit. If something’s not right when we’re writing or recording we just say it and if everyone agrees then we change it without an argument it just makes things way more simple and way less stress. Every band should try it, less bands would break up if they did.

How did you choose the cover artwork?

We knew a guy in Bolton that did amazing artwork that Frank knew and he designed a few shirts for us and we asked him if he could do the album artwork for us. It turned out great and we are really happy with it and from the reaction we got when we released it on our Facebook page a lot of other people like it too.

How important is good album art to you?

It’s not essential, but if you’ve got it it definitely helps.

With music becoming increasingly digital in nature, what’s your take on the digital/physical debate?

People will listen to music and if they like it enough and there is a format they can buy it on they will. We live in a time where if people can get some thing for free they will, but if it means enough to them they will buy it as well which means only hardcore fans will buy your music which to me isn’t a problem. If someone who has never heard of my band goes out and illegally downloads or listens to our album on YouTube and then comes to a show and buys the album and a t shirt at our merch table then fair play.

Having been around for some time now, how would you compare the state of the music industry in 2016 to when you first started out?

The music industry is suffering but it’s not a computers fault or a websites fault it’s the record companies that aren’t willing to invest in an act anymore. Nobody’s got the brass balls to make a band big anymore they just don’t have the time any more they all seem to just be after the quick buck that disposable pop music gives them. It’s all about who’s at number one and not who’s selling out arenas any more.

What are you up to for the rest of the year?

We have the album release, a tour planned for July and a few one off shows. Keep an eye out for dates and places on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more info.

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