Sheidim – Infamata (Review)

SheidimThis is the latest EP from Sheidim, a black metal band from Spain.

As far as EPs go this is a lengthy one – at 28 minutes in duration it’s actually longer than some albums. This is absolutely not a complaint, of course, nor does it really impact on anything as such; merely an observation. Continue reading “Sheidim – Infamata (Review)”

Sheidim – Shrines of the Void (Review)

SheidimSheidim are a Spanish black metal band and this is their d├ębut album.

This is orthodox black metal with a modern coating and a matching cover. It’s extreme, passionate, vicious and venomous.

Sheidim’s music is heavy and full of darkness, injecting streaks of colour through the blackened melodies that burn with intensity and passion, as does the band’s music as a whole.

Shrines of the Void is powerfully Continue reading “Sheidim – Shrines of the Void (Review)”