Wolfpack 44 – The Scourge (Review)

Wolfpack 44Wolfpack 44 are an industrial black metal band from the US. This is their début album.

This is a side project between members of Kult of Azazel and The Electric Hellfire Club, featuring guests from such bands as The Electric Hellfire Club, (again), Demonic Christ, Dark Funeral and Coven.

The Scourge is an album with a lot going on, and the band manage to pack in a lot of content and different ideas into these 45 minutes. Evil atmosheres and industrial, marching anthems crash together with black metal’s inherent malevolence, creating songs that have both atmosphere and muscle.

If you imagine the beats and song know-how of The Kovenant mixed with the cold harshness of Red Harvest, you should have a good idea of where the band are coming from.

Powerful, pummelling riffs and driving percussive drumming form the bedrock of the music here, but there’s more to the band than just this. Some industrial metal bands can become too one dimensional, but Wolfpack 44 know how to vary speed, tempo and feel to make the most of the listener’s experience.

Samples, keyboards and electronics provide ample enhancements for the band to experiment with, and the songs on The Scourge are sufficiently layered to provide plenty of substance. Although the drums are obviously programmed, this fits the infernal-techno feel of the album, with the beats quite dominating proceedings a lot of the time.

If you’re in the mood for something a little different with your daily dose of darkness, then I’d recommend checking this out.

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