Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction (Review)

Red DawnThis is the début album of these French death metallers.

This is modern technical death metal that will easily find fans in people who like bands such as The Faceless, Gorod, Decapitated, Aborted, Wormed, First Fragment, etc.

Algorithm of Destruction has a clean, precise sound that allows all of the instruments, (yes, even the oft-neglected bass, to an extent), to be heard clearly.

The singer’s deep growls are extremely satisfying. He also shows a good range, as he drifts between these and shouts/screams with ease, as well as even the odd pignoise-deep vocal. Hell yeah.

The musicianship levels are suitably high for a release such as this, with complex and technical riffs, leads and solos all being showcased regularly. It’s not pointless complexity just for the sake of it though, as the band clearly know how to structure their music into decent songs.

Although the band know how to blast and tear it up with the best of them, it’s not all high-speed work and they do slow it down then they need to, injecting some mid-paced, groovier parts into their music. It’s all relative, of course, and whatever they’re playing still has a high-energy about it, which is to be commended.

Algorithm of Destruction is modern technical death metal played very well. With top-notch performances from all band members and the ability to write enjoyable and involved death metal, Red Dawn have suitably impressed with their début album.

Check them out.

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