Abisso – WRNSS (Review)

AbissoAbisso are a black metal band from Italy and this is their début album.

Abisso specialise in underground atmospheric black metal that has an emphasis on the murk and grime of the underworld, rather than the starry, keyboard enhanced heavens that a lot of atmospheric black metal sets its sights on.

As such, this album contains atmospheric dissonance with a quasi-industrial feel in places. Think Deathspell Omega with a hint of some of Blut Aus Nord‘s work, and you’ll have a good idea of the kind of shadowy netherworld where Abisso operate.

The vocals are deeper and more malevolent than I was expecting, sounding heavier and gruffer than a lot of black metal vocalists do. It works, though, and adds power to the delivery of the discordant music.

The majority of these songs are not the fast and blasting kind, but rather take their time to create claustrophobic atmospheres and evil auras. The band seem adept at fostering the darkness that they create, building and weaving it into 36 minutes of grim soundscapes.

These tracks have a winding nature that sees the band mainly take the route less-travelled with their writing. The songs are infused with elements of doom as well as brief bits of discordant death metal in some of the riffs. Occasional slices of bright melody flare out from the dark fog they create, sounding all the more intense for their usual absence.

WRNSS has a good production with a solid drum sound. The guitars are clear and the bass can even be heard underneath the thick tar of the distorted, esoteric riffs. The band have managed to capture the darkness of the music within this recording, allowing it to feed off its clarity and smother it with dread intent.

I really enjoyed this. WRNSS is a quality slab of non-standard black metal that has a fair few tricks and good ideas up its blackened sleeves.

Highly recommended.

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