Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual (Review)

Raging SpeedhornRaging Speedhorn are a sludge metal band from the UK. This is their fifth album.

After their ultimately very enjoyable, but quite different, fourth album Before the Sea Was Built, the band called it a day. After a self-resurrection, the mighty Raging Speedhorn have now returned with their latest release.

Questions abound – what will it sound like? What kind of style have they embraced? Well, the only thing to be done is to press play and find out…

Well, it immediately starts well, with rumbling heaviness and screams.

Okay, I’m sold.

Across the 41 minutes of this album, all of the familiar elements – focused rage, heavy distortion, squealing feedback, Southern riffs, dark doom, rocking beats, punk swagger and scathing dual vocals – are all present and correct, lovingly mixed in with bile, scorn and bucketfuls of aggression. The band have managed to produce a biting collection of tracks that manage to continue the band’s legacy while maintaining their sterling reputation for crushing metal.

As always, there’s a surprising amount of variety in their music, as well as an equally surprising amount of catchiness and memorable hooks. For music this aggressive and essentially nasty, that’s no mean feat. Ever since their self-titled début album though, Raging Speedhorn have always found this an easy task to accomplish.

I was hoping that the band would simultaneously stay true to their original style, while also providing the listener with something of substance rather then just re-treading old glories. I have not been disappointed in this.

Raging Speedhorn have returned, and everything is better because of it.

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