Black Royal – The Summoning Pt. 2 (Review)

Black RoyalThis is the second EP from Finnish Death/Sludge Metal band Black Royal.

Black Royal have an interesting style, effectively combining primitive 90s Death Metal with a Sludge/Stoner influence. It’s definitely the path less-travelled and makes for a very enjoyable journey.

The vocals consist of rough, Stoner-esque, semi-cleans, mixed in with deeper growls that have more of a Death Metal slant.

The ugly Sludge side of their sound is counteracted by the more melodic Stoner aspects, while the Death Metal side manifests itself in the heavier, faster moments and the slower, old-school elements.

And these are good songs too. They strike the right note with the distribution of influences, enjoyably stirring in Death Metal, Sludge and Stoner Metal into a gooey stew that you will eat because it’s good for you.


Coming across as a mix of the Death Sludge of The Dead, the Stoner Sludge of Khemmis and gnarly Doom Metal of Behold! The Monolith, Black Royal are another addition to my collection of enjoyable bands of this ilk that definitely play by their own rules, mixing genres with ease.

At 26 minutes long this is a very entertaining and satisfying listen that ticks a lot of boxes for heavy music.

Highly recommended.

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