I Am Noah – The Verdict (Review)

I Am NoahI Am Noah are a metalcore band from Germany. This is their début release.

Metalcore is somewhat of a much-maligned genre, rightfully so in many ways. Regardless of what its detractors say though, there have been, (and are), some great bands playing the style that have left an impression on me at one time or another.

I Am Noah walk the same path as those who actually know what they’re doing with this kind of music. The familiar elements are all here, (backed up by a slight djent feel in places), but the band bend, burn and crush them into their own image.

This is metalcore with an emphasis on heaviness and destructive intensity. This is not the radio-friendly, sing-along, type; this is heavy and blasting, full of breakdowns and tasty riffs. This brutality is tempered by a resplendent melodic side that sees lonesome leads and quite subtle keyboard atmospherics frequently accompanying the heavier rhythm guitars.

This is very effectively done, and while the singer vents all of his anger and frustration into furious vocals, the end result is energetic and emotive heavy music that combines some of the best aspects of the heavier end of the spectrum into a tight 48 minutes. Clean vocals appear on What Is Dead May Never Die from a guest singer, but other than that it’s raging aggression all the way in the vocal department.

If you can’t stand anything -core then I’m sure this won’t be enough to convince you, which is a real shame as there’s enough here that’s different enough to the generic norm to hook the listener in. If you like heavy music with lots of shouting, huge riffs, memorable leads and a surprisingly emotive component, then I Am Noah might be right for you.

I love it when you hear a band like this that’s making their own mark with such a well-worn style. Sure, it’s not wildly innovative or new, (it wouldn’t be metalcore if it was), but that’s not the point; with the focus on engaging leads and subtle atmospherics, the band have successfully differentiated themselves from the majority of their peers and offer the discerning listener something better than what they were probably expecting.

I Am Noah – heaviness, feeling and anger. What more could you ask for?

Highly recommended.

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