Dominhate – Emissaries of Morning (Review)

DominhateDominhate are an Italian Death Metal band and this is their latest EP.

Dominhate play Death Metal that’s dark, dingy and full of sinister auras.

Featuring a classic style and enough grim riffing to get anyone to sit up and pay attention, it’s easy to get on board with the band’s ugly aggression.

This short EP is a relentlessly brutal foray into the underground of Death Metal, where it’s all about crushing your enemies with a vice-like grip and then beating their corpses with their own broken limbs. At least, that’s what sounds like is going on here at any rate. Dominhate probably chant some dark incantation while they’re doing it, too.

There’s a distinct old-school flavour to some of the winding guitars on Emissaries of Morning, but the overall style, although rooted in the past, is more of a timeless one. If you pick up the band and place them in any era they’d probably fit quite in. That is, until they start stabbing and killing everyone around them. Because, y’know, Death Metal.

Ohh, but it’s easy to enjoy the blasting barbarity of Dominhate’s songs. It’s a tried-and-tested method of execution that’s never really failed, and the band certainly cover the style in their own murk to give it that added personal touch.

Short, nasty and going straight for the jugular; this is 19 minutes of quality Death Metal tunes.


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