Lesions – Tired of Being Pushed Around and Told Just What to Do (Review)

LesionsLesions, (or xLesionsx), are a crust/hardcore/sludge band from the US and this is their debut EP.

Featuring members of At Dusk and Nan Elmoth, this is underground, ugly hardcore with crust and sludge elements. It’s 13 minutes of aggressive, belligerent music that hits the spot quite nicely.

The first two songs are short, ugly ragers, both under one minute in length. They start the EP off very well, displaying the band’s aggressive tendencies for all to see.

The next track Corey Williams is much longer at three and a half minutes, and has more of a sludge/doom influence in it, while still retaining a grisly, horrible attitude. Sort of like a cross between Fister and Eyehategod.

After this we get Vacant, which delivers a furious hit of old-school crustiness, like an extended version of the first two songs in some ways. The d-beats are strong with this one. The latter part of the song slows with more of a sludge vibe, and delivers some top quality riffs.

The final song is named Solace and draws on some psychedelic influences to deliver four minutes of sludge-infused grimness. The feeling of Southern sludge metal is probably the strongest on this track, and once again Lesions prove that they have an ear for a good riff.

The vocals throughout consist of deep, gruff shouts. Performed with passion and energy, the singer certainly has the attitude to accompany the material here.

Tired of Being Pushed Around and Told Just What to Do is an impressive first EP from a band that take several different influences and mix them together into five heavy, furious balls of hatred.

I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

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