Perihelion Ship – A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring (Review)

Perihelion ShipThis is the début album from Finnish Progressive Metal band Perihelion Ship.

I like a good bit of Progressive Metal and was intrigued by this release in particular due to the striking cover art.

Featuring Hammond organ and mellotron, Perihelion Ship have captured the essence of 70s Progressive Rock and combined it with a more modern Metal influence à la Opeth and the like to produce a very enjoyable album that mixes both eras well.

The vocals alternate between cleans, screams and growls, depending on the needs of the song. As mentioned previously, Opeth are a clear influence here, but this is only a starting point for Perihelion Ship and they have enough of their own personality and style to make A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring their own. It’s also quite interesting that as the album progresses the band seem to almost come into their own more and more, with the Opeth influence receding further and further into the background. Intentional? Who knows.

The tracks are atmosphere-heavy and full of light and shade, with the music reflecting the different vocal styles in many ways. There’s good depth here and it’s easy to return to this release for further listenings.

The album is crowned by the final song, the title track, which is a 21 minute epic that rounds the album off in impressive fashion.

A recommended listen.


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