Sarke – Bogefod (Review)

SarkeThis is the fourth album from Norwegian Black Metallers Sarke.

With band members from such esteemed groups as Darkthrone, Satyricon and Khold, this band features a high pedigree and a wealth of experience, all channelled into these 35 minutes.

The familiar darkened twinge of sinister and mysterious Black Metal riffs is joined by less-familiar leads and solos and a Thrash Metal influence in some of the heavier riffs. It’s a predominantly Black Metal work, but there are enough Metal and Thrash elements to make Bogefod more than just a pure Black Metal release, even though it’s all smothered with dark atmospheres and blackened aesthetics.

The songs are well-written with lots of juicy guitars, both of the Blackened Thrash and more traditionally Black Metal variety. The songs keep their pace nicely without going too far either way and there’s lots of memorable moments.

I like that the band don’t play it safe and repeat the same type of song over and over. There’s a decent amount of variety on this release, with the various influences of the band members showing up in different places; each song has an identifiable personality of its own. I particularly enjoyed Barrow of Torolv‘s Doom-infused atmospheric darkness, as well as the female vocal-led Dawning. Very nice.

The screamed vocals with an edge of attitude should be familiar to most, (all?), Black Metal fans and it’s always a pleasure to hear the singer’s voice. His performance is right where it needs to be on these songs and he contributes quite a bit to the catchiness of some of the tracks.

Keyboards are included and these are subtle enough to not overpower the rest of the music, but prominent enough to really add another layer of depth to the songs.

I really enjoyed this album. It has enough going on to keep and hold the interest, but is short enough to not overstay its welcome. Repeated listens bear this out, and Bogefod just gets better the more you listen to it.

Check it out.

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