Concrete – Chambers of Afterlife (Review)

ConcreteThis is the second album from Bulgarian Death Metal band Concrete.

Concrete play gore-soaked old-school Death Metal with plenty of presence.

The cookie-monster growls are as satisfying as any in the style and the singer’s performance suits the music nicely.

Heavy guitars herald the largely mid-paced assault that occasionally breaks through into blast beats. The band play the USDM style and the songs are written accordingly. There’s plenty of chugging destruction and some nice squealing added here and there, as well as some decent solos.

Simple and aggressive; you can’t really go wrong with something like this. Unless you’re just not a fan or are tired of the style, then it’s hard to not enjoy Chambers of Afterlife. It won’t earn any awards for innovation, but that’s not the point; this is an ode to pure Death Metal and it’s an ode I’ve liked hearing.

This is the kind of album that gets better the louder you play it. The riffs come alive even more and you get to feel the full, unfettered impact of the songs.

Chambers of Afterlife is a solid album that will suit older Cannibal Corpse fans down to the ground. Check them out and blast them out at full volume.

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