Interview with Casket Robbery

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Casket Robbery’s début album Evolution of Evil is full of catchy songwriting and memorable brutality. Featuring bucketloads of groove and rhythm, this is Death Metal to get moving to. With this in mind, let’s find out a bit more…

For those who are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself!

Cory: We are Casket Robbery. Death, groove metal.


Give us a bit of background to Casket Robbery

Cory: Dustin and I started this band a few years back as a recording project. We were really just trying to make something super heavy and fun/catchy but didn’t think much of it while we were tracking the first few songs. We were just drinking beer and having a blast in the studio doing the songs. I felt like a lot of death metal bands lack the catchy part and thought it would be cool to see if we could add that element to this. We shared the recordings with people and we started getting a lot of show offers right off the bat. So, we decided to call some friends up to create a live band and we just went for it full force. We saw the potential in the music and it grew from there.

Patrick: I only joined the band last June but I have been friends with Cory for years and followed the band from its inception. They really brought something different to death metal, and I hope to contribute in my own way to that unique twist on brutal metal music that Casket Robbery delivers.

What are your influences?

Cory: When I write for Casket I try to write visually. So really, my influences are horror movies. If you take a look into the lyrics and songs on the album you should be able to paint a picture or sort of visualize the song moods. When I am writing songs I keep a story/concept in my head. Like, what would be the death metal sound track that a serial killer would hear in his head while hacking up victims? That’s my influence the best I can explain. Musically, I am eclectic and listen to anything from death metal to pop music. I draw music inspiration from everything and can’t really pinpoint a band that I draw from.

Patrick: As far as what I do on bass for Casket Robbery goes, I really look to dudes like Alex Webster and Nick Schendzeilos. They’re definitely two apex death metal bass players and really give me a direction for honing my technique since guitar is my primary instrument and I’ve only recently picked up bass as something to take seriously.

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

Cory: I have been listening to Children of Bodom’s “Halo of Blood” a lot. I am really loving it. Also, check out Graveworm’s latest!

Patrick: As I type this, I have had Keith Merrow’s album “Awaken the Stone King” playing on repeat for the past two or three hours. I can highly recommend any of his solo albums (it’s all brutal, technical instrumental prog metal with a ton of old school death metal influence) as well as his Conquering Dystopia project with Jeff Loomis, Alex Rüdinger, and Alex Webster. He’s supposed to have something he did with Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless) on the way soon that I’m beyond stoked to hear.

Casket Robbery BandHow do you feel about the Death Metal scene in 2016?

Cory: I have been hearing a lot of cool things. There are some great bands out there. Even in the midwest (Wisconsin specifically) there are a lot of bands coming out of our area that are really doing well and putting out great albums.

Patrick: Lot of great stuff to look forward to! The past two or three years have been huge for death metal, and a lot of cool albums are coming out in this year. Definitely looking forward to hearing some new Fallujah and Revocation!

Give us a bit of background to Evolution of Evil – any particular concepts or ideas you want to discuss?

Cory: We stepped up our game musically and conceptually on this album. We started to get labelled as a band that writes serial killer songs but there is a lot more to offer on this album. Dustin has these great concepts and horror stories that he has been writing lyrics about. This album is all about the evils of the world. Every one of us is evil and has the capability of pursuing evil thoughts. This album is a fun roller coaster ride.

How do you go about writing your songs?

Cory: On this album I did a majority of the writing. Sometimes it will start with a concept that Dustin has and I will write a whole song with that in mind. Or, I will have a concept in mind and start writing. This album, we both just fed off of the Evolution of Evil idea. It came naturally. I start with the framework of riffs and structures and then hand them off to Dustin to add lyrics and Greg and Patrick add their own input to make the songs come to life. Everyone has input after the initial song writing. If something isn’t working or sucks we change it. Dustin and I are super collaborative in the early stages and will go back and forth on lyrics and riffs until we feel it’s perfect. And then it only gets better when everyone else adds their touch.

How did the recording process go?

Cory: It was a very long process. We didn’t have a full band when we started recording and writing this album. And it was all self funded. I produced and handled most of the efforts of this so I just chipped away at it a little at a time. I knew we needed to step up the production of the album. I recorded the guitars with Cody Ratley, and drums were done by Greg in his studio. Then we brought it back to my studio and I tracked everything else. We took a lot of time on vocals and layering. Basically, every piece was thought out and done the way it needed to be done. It was all natural and organic feeling. We knew it was our début album so we took our time on it. When the recording was done we took it to Chris Wisco at Belle City sound for mixing. He had done the last few Jungle Rot albums that we all loved the sound of and we knew he would deliver that huge and heavy sound we needed for this. Cody Ratley mastered it and really added the perfect final touch to it!

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Cory: I am really digging Pray for Death. John Laux did a guest solo on it and it really rips. I can’t thank him enough for adding it!

Patrick: It’s a tie between Pray for Death and The Final Chapter. They’re just my favorite songs to play live because they’re a bit more on the technical side for me as the bass player. Annibelle is right up there as well.

What are your live shows like?

Cory: Tons of energy! And always heavy. You will have fun, come check it out. We will be hitting the east coast soon!

Patrick: Fun, energetic, and heavy. We always want everyone who comes to see Casket Robbery play to have a good time, and the best way to do that is for us to have a good time ourselves!

What does the future hold for Casket Robbery?

Cory: We are going to keep the Casket train rolling. More shows and tours after this album and then we will start writing!

Patrick: More releases. More shows. Tours. We’re gonna push this as hard as we can, as far as it will go.

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