Rebel Wizard – Invocation of the Miserable Ones (Review)

Rebel WizardRebel Wizard is a one-man Black/Heavy Metal band from Australia and this is his latest release.

This is a combination of Black, Thrash and good old Heavy Metal. It’s a rollicking and boisterous listen that boasts a strong sound, a lot of catchiness and plenty of hooks. Think traditional Heavy Metal, only with a Black/Thrash influence.

The music is sleek, energetic and sharp. This is what you’d imagine Iron Maiden sounding like if they were brought up on a staple diet of Black Metal.

Screeched vocals scrape like nails down a blackboard as the music powers along at a frenetic pace. The high-energy leads never seem to stop as the music reaches greater and greater heights of Metal devotion. The riffs are infectious and the music sticks in the mind almost instantly.

These songs are well-written and damn enjoyable. Before you realise it you’re tapping your foot and getting carried away with the tunes.

This EP is only 18 minutes long, so I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t check it out. Off you go.

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