The Sanity Days – Evil Beyond Belief (Review)

The Sanity DaysThis is the début album from UK Metal band The Sanity Days.

At a first glance of the album cover, you’d be forgiven for expecting some form of modern Metalcore; how wrong you’d be! This is classic Heavy Metal mixed with a touch of Thrash Metal for good measure.

The singer has a dirty voice that sounds really good against the Metal riffs. His is a charismatic style infused with plenty of character and personality. He reminds me most of Jon Oliva. In fact, if you think of this band as a more Metal version of Jon Oliva’s Pain with a slight Thrash influence then you’ll have a good idea of where Evil Beyond Belief is coming from.

With the musicians all being veterans of other bands, there are no problems with the musicianship and performance on this release. A professional production gives everything the chance to sound first-rate and overall this is an album that makes an impression.

As with everything of this nature though, it’s the songs that really matter. The tracks on Evil Beyond Belief are catchy and memorable, making for an enjoyable album.

The songs are largely on the longer side, with, as the basis of a track, the band relying a lot on rhythms that are drawn out a bit longer than might normally be the case. This is a common idea in, say, Doom or Post-Metal, but one less explored in Heavy Metal. I find it does work here, but I imagine it would be quite an individual response. What works for me I can imagine sounding repetitive or boring to others. It’s not pure repetition for the sake of it though, and it’s frequently accompanied with quality vocals/leads/solos.

This is almost 65 minutes of quality Heavy Metal, classic in style, modern in delivery. And do you know what? It really hits the spot.

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