Wicked Inquisition – Wicked Inquisition (Review)

Wicked InquisitionThis is the début album by US Traditional Heavy Metallers Wicked Inquisition.

We’ve met this very promising band before with their previous EP Silence Thereafter. This EP was Traditional Heavy Metal mixed with Doom Metal and the band’s new album continues this theme.

This is song-oriented catchy music that should be instantly recognisable to anyone into Classic Metal. Add to that some 70’s vibes and a bit of Traditional Doom and you have a recipe for a corker of a listen.

Warm, heavy riffs are the mainstay of the band’s music and they certainly know how to write them. Gorgeous leads and solos add colour to an already vibrant package and Wicked Inquisition show they’re more than ready for the big leagues now.

The singer has a relaxed, strong voice that he carries effortlessly. It works as a focal point for the confidently-executed music and brings the songs and the multitude of riffs together.

A highly recommended listen for anyone into Heavy Metal.

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