Algebra – Feed the Ego (Review)

AlgebraAlgebra play Thrash Metal and are from Switzerland. This is their second album.

The music is complex and delivered by the band with a tight performance. Musically it’s an exciting cross between Slayer and early Sepultura. For all the popularity of these two giants not many Thrash bands seem to play styles reminiscent of them today, so this is a refreshing listen in this sense.

Vocally the singer spends the majority of his time legibly shouting over the top of the heavily aggressive Thrash. A cleaner style appears on occasion and these vocals are individual enough to enhance the songs rather than detract from them.

The songs Thrash their way through their playing time with a strong sound and furious drumming. Each track is played well and Thrash Metal is rarely executed as heavily as this. Solos are shredded and riffs are assaulted; this is a very satisfying listen.

Unexpectedly for a band who take their influences from the heavier side of Thrash Metal; the track My Shelf turns out to be somewhat of a ballad in the Testament/Metallica style. It shows a willingness on the side of the band to inject variety into the album, and overall I like it.

Algebra have produced a thoroughly enjoyable album that takes from the heavier and darker side of 80’s Thrash, the side that a lot of bands forget. Algebra remember, and they want you to as well. Pick up Feed the Ego and remember how good it feels.

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