Ecocide – Eye of Wicked Sight (Review)

EcocideThis is the début album of Ecocide, a Thrash-influenced Death Metal band from the Netherlands.

After a very sci-fi intro the band start with a sprawling, heavy, mid-paced riff that showcases the fact that they have a nicely heavy sound and know what to do with it.

Old-School Thrash and Death Metal meet with a familiar feel and a welcome crash.

The singer has a very rough cookie-monster voice that sounds great set against the raging guitars. He reminds of the singer of Bolt Thrower, which is also a feeling given off by some of the music.

The band show good songwriting and use some memorable riffs during the running time of the album. They seem to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve; they know how to accomplish it and have the tools and skills necessary to do this. The result is Eye of Wicked Sight and very enjoyable it is.

Ignoring the intro there are only 7 songs here so the band make use of every second available to them to create crushing Death Metal. It’s a really good début that sticks in the mind after the last riff has faded.

If the band keep this level of quality up they’ll have a bright future indeed. Check out Ecocide. Do it now.

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