Morbid Flesh – Embedded In The Ossuary (Review)

Morbid FleshMorbid Flesh are a Death Metal band from Spain, and this is their latest EP.

It starts off with an atmospheric instrumental track Entrance to the Ossuary which whets the appetite with its Bolt Thrower-esque melodies and build up. After this we’re into the thick of it with Charnel House and it’s clear that the band are channelling the greats of Swedish Death Metal for their primal sound.

The riffs are good choices and the drums are a powerful backbone keeping everything on track. Rather than adhereing strictly to the blueprint laid down by the Swedish masters however, the band are not afraid to add a bit of atmospherics to their sound and they excel at all of the wailing, screaming solos.

So, a nice bit of Grave and Dismember, with a little bit of a Death influence added.

The vocalist is adept at his calling, with some deep growls to accompany the chainsaw-assault and the melodic outbreaks.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I appear to have a soft spot for this kind of Death Metal. But honestly, what’s not to like?

Listen for yourself.

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