Blacksnake – Lucifer’s Bride (Review)

BlacksnakeThis is the second release from Polish Stoner Metal band Blacksnake.

The songs positively ooze out of the speakers, all confidence and charm. The singer has a good set of lungs and brings a classic Metal/Thrash style to the proceedings.

The band manage to combine Stoner riffs with a Heavy Metal feel and vibe. The songs rock out in all of the right ways and the band even inject some interesting ideas into the proceedings; different vocals and effects are all experimented with on top of their Stoner Metal core.

The Metal/Thrash influences that the band have incorporated into their repertoire elevate them above a simple Stoner Metal band and the natural-sounding combination of the two is a real pleasure to listen to, especially when the organ kicks in.

The band have a talent for writing catchy songs and this is an album I can quite happily listen to over and over again. It has the longevity of Thrash with the soul of desert Rock.

Crammed full of enjoyable songs and an honest, no-nonsense delivery this is an album that deserves a wider audience than it’s probably going to get. Be one of the lucky ones and get this now.

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