A Breach of Silence – Secrets (Review)

A Breach of SilenceA Breach of Silence are an Australian metal band and this is their third album.

I’ve been watching A Breach of Silence with a keen interest over the years and have enjoyed seeing them grow as a band.

Their 2013 debut album Dead or Alive was an enjoyable slab of Killswitch Engage-inspired metalcore. This was followed up Continue reading “A Breach of Silence – Secrets (Review)”

Interview with Wovernwar


Wovenwar Header

Wovenwar’s second album Honor Is Dead is a surprisingly catchy and memorable example of just how electrifying modern metal can be if it develops its own personality and niche. In a scene that’s usually bogged down in a severe lack of creativity, that’s an impressive result for Wovenwar.

The band’s guitarist Nick Hipa discusses Wovenwar and their latest creation… Continue reading “Interview with Wovernwar”

Wovenwar – Honor Is Dead (Review)

WovenwarThis is the second album from Wovenwar, a US metal band.

Rising from the ashes of As I Lay Dying, this is my first encounter with Wovenwar. Although ostensibly treading similar ground as their parent band, Wovenwar are overall a different, darker and more nuanced beast. Continue reading “Wovenwar – Honor Is Dead (Review)”