Uhtcearu – For Darkness to Subside (Review)

UhtcearuThis is the second album from US black metallers Uhtcearu.

Hot on the heels of last year’s impressive debut album The Plight of Wanderers, Uhtcearu clearly aren’t interested in resting on their laurels as we already have a new album from them. Not that I’m complaining, as their debut album was one of the more notable and enjoyable releases of 2016. Continue reading

Interview with Uhtcearu

Uhtcearu Logo

Are you a fan of melodic black metal? Do you crave darkness in your music, but still like some vibrant and addictive streaks of colour amidst the blackness? If the answer is yes, then you could do a whole lot worse than checking out Uhtcearu’s début album The Plight of Wanderers. Zach Ostrowski, (bass/vocals), took time out from weaving dark magics to give us a bit more info on this US band…

What are your influences?

We have a ton of influences that range musically from death and black metal to genres of classic rock, fusion, jazz, and prog.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Here are 5 bands:
Northless – https://northless.bandcamp.com
Vukari – https://vukari.bandcamp.com
Capture the Sun – http://music.capturethesunband.com
Vow of Thorns – https://vowofthorns.bandcamp.com
Hot Coffin – https://hotcoffin.bandcamp.com

Honorable Mention – Mgla – https://no-solace.bandcamp.com Continue reading

Uhtcearu – The Plight of Wanderers (Review)

UhtcearuUhtcearu are a melodic black metal band from the US. This is their début album.

The production on The Plight of Wanderers is enough to turn blood to pure ice. It’s the perfect kind of recording that allows for that intimate sense of frozen fragility and icy winds to permeate every fibre of your being, while at the same time retaining enough clarity and power to showcase the band in the best darkened light. Also, the bass can be heard. Bonus. Continue reading