Autophagy – Bacteriophage (Review)

Autophagy - BacteriophageThis is the debut album from US death metallers Autophagy.

Featuring an ex-member of Ritual Necromancy and Sempiternal Dusk, Bacteriophage contains 34 minutes of putrefying underground death metal. Continue reading “Autophagy – Bacteriophage (Review)”

Sempiternal Dusk – Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation (Review)

Sempiternal Dusk - Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation

This is the second album from US death metallers Sempiternal Dusk.

Following up on 2014’s enjoyable self titled debut record, Sempiternal Dusk’s new album contains 37 minutes of doom-infused death metal. It’s rotten and foul, just how we like it. Continue reading “Sempiternal Dusk – Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation (Review)”

Assumption – The Three Appearances (Review)

AssumptionAssumption are a Doom/Death Metal band from Italy. This is their début EP.

Assumption sound grim, dark and evil. Featuring members of the gruesome Haemophagus it should come as no surprise that The Three Appearances is full of mouldy and decomposing delights.

Cavernous, echoing Death Metal growls seem to be generated through an abyssal fog of misery and pain. Surely something like this can’t be good for you?

The music is murky and ancient, lumbering around like a forgotten, decaying god that’s slowly transformed over the millennia into some form of shambling horror.

Reminding of recent albums from the likes of Encoffination, Ævangelist and Sempiternal Dusk, this is the latest album to blend both Death and Doom into an absolute terror of an album that’s designed to loosen the bowels and scar the soul.

As rotten as what’s left in the sewer and as black as the void, Assumption do a great job of describing the essential futility of life; decay always sets in, entropy will get everything in the end and ultimately there’s very little point. So why bother? Why bother at all?

Well, paradoxically Assumption themselves have given us a reason to continue; their music. This is worth taking the time to listen to.

What a glorious, rancid, noxious find this has been. All hail Assumption!

Sempiternal Dusk – Sempiternal Dusk (Review)

Sempiternal DuskSempiternal Dusk are from the US and this is their début album of Doom/Death Metal.

If you take the Doom-laden riffs of Incantation as your base of reference and then mix this with a band like Esoteric then you’ll have an idea of where Sempiternal Dusk are coming from.

Huge, miserable riffs crash down on the listener and the band seem compelled to create atmospheres of pure horror and neglect. The production is one of filth and decay, with the music seemingly being played beneath a shroud of despair.

The vocals are very deep and low. They’re used as an additional instrument and seem to bleed from the guitars like a disease.

Lumbering, slow Doom shares space with mid-paced Death Metal to create dark moods and a heavy sense of oppression. Occasionally the speed picks up with faster drumming and guitar work, but thanks to the glacial nature of the growling and the overall feel of the songs even these parts are infused with a sense of something colossal slowly unwinding.

If you like music that’s punishing, unforgiving and unrelentingly bleak then Sempiternal Dusk are the band for you.