Queen Elephantine – Scarab (Review)

Queen ElephantineQueen Elephantine, from the US, treat us to their fourth album of psychedelic experimental Doom.

Straight from the off in first song Veil the band create an experience unlike most, with spaced out psychedelia paving the way. In fact the word experience is an apt one as that’s precisely what this is; a listening experience. There is a lot going on here, even when it sounds on occasion relatively minimalistic.

There is a wide range of instrumentation employed and the clear, organic sound does everything justice. In addition to the standard instruments one would expect we also get slide guitar, tanpura, additional effects/noises and two drummers, which makes for a great and varied collection of songs that have lots of individuality.

The vocals, when they appear, seem to be almost an afterthought. They appear at select points in the songs like ghostly apparitions floating in and out of reality. It all adds to the feeling of space and timelessness that the songs evoke and it’s easy to get lost in the endless hypnotic jam of Queen Elephantine.

I was not expecting to like this as much as I do. Not because I had any expectations of the band being bad or anything, (I had not heard of them before listening to this), but purely because it surprised me with the high quality on display and because it’s just so damn good.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and like to be taken out of reality then I advise you get your hands on this as soon as you can. If you’re in the mood for it then this is just excellent.