Hard Charger – Bad Omens (Review)

Hard ChargerHard Charger are from Canada and play crossover/thrash metal.

Chrome Lord was a short and confident blending of the hardcore and thrash styles, showing a band who knew what they were doing, but just needed a few tweaks here and there to truly make an impression.

So how have they done on this release? Well, the sound Continue reading “Hard Charger – Bad Omens (Review)”

Hard Charger – Chrome Lord (Review)

Hard ChargerHard Charger are from Canada and play Crossover/Thrash Metal.

Thrash Metal raped by Punk. Or the other way around? Who cares; either way this is raw, underground and Metal.

The songs are short and full of confidence and have an Old-School Hardcore feel to them whilst also having sufficient metal licks to keep the mosh-crowd happy.

This reminds me of a more Hardcore-influenced Brujeria more than anything else actually. There’s something about the vocals; the fact I keep thinking the singer’s going to start shouting La Ley de Plomo at any given point.

Regardless, this is a decent listen and unlike a lot of bands who play this genre it’s slanted more to the Hardcore side than the Thrash side, which, as much as I love Thrash, works in the band’s favour.

Some of the tracks have a more rock and roll feeling to them as well, adding a cocksure swagger to the proceedings which shows that the band know how to have a good time. The solos are a welcome addition also.

A band to watch out for. A couple of refinements here and there, as well as upgrading to a fuller, bigger sound and their next release will be a monster.