Hard Charger – Bad Omens (Review)

Hard ChargerHard Charger are from Canada and play crossover/thrash metal.

Chrome Lord was a short and confident blending of the hardcore and thrash styles, showing a band who knew what they were doing, but just needed a few tweaks here and there to truly make an impression.

So how have they done on this release? Well, the sound improvements I was looking for have not really materialised; however, maybe it was my mood at the time but I no longer think it matters. Bad Omens has an underground sound that fits the energetic riffs well and shows the band in a warts-and-all, earthy light that I actually find quite endearing. I would prefer a bit more of a substantial thump to the snare drum, but apart form that I’m quite happy with how it sounds.

The other aspect I wanted to see an improvement in was the songwriting; just tightening things up here and there. Bad Omens appears to do that, I’m pleased to say, and these songs streamline an already simplistic approach to thrashing the fuck out, making for short, catchy songs that hit the mark way more often than they miss.

The hardcore/punk energy that Hard Charger exude is quite palpable. Alongside the metallic edge that these tracks have it makes for a very enjoyable listen.

Check out Bad Omens and see what you think. The next time I want some raw, punky metal I know where I’ll be turning to.


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