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Deep In Hate are about to release their colossal new album Chronicles of Oblivion in the very near future and with this firmly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with amongst premier Death Metal. With this in mind it’s the perfect time to find out a bit more about this exciting band…

Tell us all about Deep in Hate and where you came from

Florian (Guitars) : Hi ! Thanks for the interview !

Deep In Hate is a band from Paris and its near suburbs, founded in 2004 by Vince (lead guitar) and Bastos (drums).

The band experienced some changes of line-up before it stabilized for the release of the band’s second album Origins of Inequality in 2011.

Now, we are about to release our new record Chronicles of Oblivion on June 3rd, and are really excited about it !

What are your influences?

Amongst our shared influences in the band, but limited to the « Death » metal scene, we can quote Behemoth, Whitechapel, Despised Icon, Gojira, Beneath the Massacre, The Black Dahlia Murder but also Decapitated or Dying Fetus.

It’s actually a blend between modern and ‘older’ influences, as you can see.

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

At the moment I am listening to the last Aborted, The Necrotic Manifesto, that I am really digging, and enjoying the last Structures and Architects albums. Not totally my style, but good ones ! For the « non Metal » part, it’s Steel Panther’s All You Can Eat album, my little weakness !

How did you decide on the style of Death Metal that you wanted to play?

The first musical direction, being a « Brutal Death » band was given when the band was founded by Vince and Bastos, I was not in it at the time. Then, as the line-up changed, the addition of new blood gave the music a more modern approach.

Finally, the last conscious decision was to go more into a ‘song-oriented’ Death metal, where riffing, melody and groove are what matters most, with plainer structures but with the aim of enhancing the core of the music.

Deep In Hate BandHow do you feel about the current Death Metal scene? Where do you feel you fit in?

Where do I feel I fit in ? One of the most dreadful questions you could ask ! Honestly I do not know. I would like to think we have done something special, with an unique Deep In Hate flavour to it, but in the end I am the worst person to answer that question. Even when you love the music you are doing and are expressing yourself with all your guts, you might remain that kid that plays without knowing what he is exactly doing here.

In my review I note that you have a winning brutality-to-melody ratio – how do you temper the two?

By being a Libra maybe ? (laughs)

Seriously though, the fact that we are two main composers (with Vince the lead guitarist) is part of the answer.

Moreover, I have always loved bands that balance the two, and « beauty », even in the most aggressive parts, is fundamental.

I do not say we achieved it, but it is part of what we are.

And actually balance is in itself beautiful, isn’t it ?

Do you have any goals for your album?

The goals for our album are the ‘’highest’’ goals possible obviously.

I mean, we have put so much work and energy in it, we hope it will resonate in people the way it does with us. Our aim being to play live shows the more we can, the more people will love the album, the better, because it will mean a new audience for us and more shows !

Is there anything on the album you’re not satisfied with?

Not at the moment. We have had the chance to do what we wanted to do, and reach the result we aimed at.

The only negative feeling I sometimes experience is the ‘’we could have gone deeper’’ syndrome… But it is abstract, I do not know where or how, for now.

I hope it will become clearer for the next albums and that it will help getting even more mature eventually!

Do you want to discuss any of the lyrics on the album and any themes/hidden meanings/etc. that might be there?

The lyrics are written like episodes of a History in a post-apocalyptic world.

They are rather straight-forward at first, but of course we hope that they will not only be read for their literal meaning. The stories take place in a fictional world but they do emphasize some aspects of the human nature whatever the times.

For example, the fact that Men can be whether powerful and brave when in group, or stupid and coward.

Also, the notion of « cycle » is very important, as if human History is only virtually going forward, because it keeps repeating itself.

Humans are immature, at the scale of the world, and only when they evolve will they break this cycle.

Deep In Hate Band 2What’s your songwriting process?

Vince does almost all the preliminary work. He creates riffs and melodies that go along well, and it gives us our primary material. I basically come and arrange his material into songs, and the work with the drums and bass guitar begins here. I fill the gaps when necessary and, since it is much more inspiring for me to work with something that already exists, I may add extra things to the songs.

It has to be approved by all the members at each step, and finally when the instrumental is almost finished, we work on the vocals, with the lyrics previously written.

How do you see your songs/direction developing in the future?

In the same direction we have taken with this album.

If I may repeat myself, I see ourselves going more and more towards ‘’a ‘song-oriented’ Death metal, where riffing, melody and groove are what matters most.

Modern metal is cool, and is more catchy than ever, but sometimes melody and especially atmosphere are not that much emphasized on. I mean, the music is in those cases really good, but the ‘‘taste’’of it does not last long.

I think music has evolved with the way people listen to it : it has to quickly retain your attention, give you immediate pleasure or else you will not give it a second listen. So if a band succeeds in proposing that, and at the same time a music that is better each time you listen to it… It’s perfect.

What does the future hold for Deep in Hate?

The best, I hope. It is time now with this new album to reach a new level. We have gained over the years more and more support from professionals, and with their help we will bring our music over to a maximum of metalheads, even if some may have never heard of us before.

I do not know what else to say right now, we will see how the new album is received, but we will keep going forward anyway!

Thanks for the chance to answer those questions, hope you guys reading this will enjoy the record. 

Deep In Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion (Review)

Deep In HateThis is the third album from French Death Metallers Deep In Hate.

The band have a good line in both brutality and melody and combine the two nicely; crushing riffs and double-bass beatdowns compete with melodic leads and riffs.

This is a band who are fully comfortable at the modern end of the Death Metal spectrum without completely giving themselves over to Deathcore; although there is a healthy influence from that most maligned of subgenres it stays on the Death Metal side of the equation more often than not. The result? Aborted meets Beneath the Massacre meets Whitechapel with, as strange as this might sound, elements of Hypocrisy at their heaviest.

The sound is crystal clear and the band use this to show you exactly what they are capable of in all its visceral glory. This is modern Death Metal played proficiently and with the sole aim of battering and beating the listener into submission.

The added melodic parts are there to keep things from becoming one-dimensional however, and the sheer aggression and brutality of the band as a whole never allows the melodies to get too out of hand; you could never describe them as Melodic Death Metal, for example. It’s a winning brutality-to-melody-ratio; brutality clearly comes out on top but the melodic aspect holds its own when the songs need it.

The vocals are deep roars full of aggression and testosterone. These alternate with occasional higher screams. The singer takes his cues from the Aborted singer and shares a talent for interesting vocal rhythms and patterns.

Each of the songs has its own identity and is capable of being a ambassador for the band. No filler.

Kaotoxin Records seem to have a talent for sniffing out the very best of French Metal talent. Deep In Hate are their latest find; let them be yours too.