Ande – Het Gebeente (Review)

AndeThis is the second album from Ande, an atmospheric black metal solo project from Belgium.

We have already encountered Ande’s 2015 debut Licht, and now it’s time to take a look at the follow up.

Longer by about 15 minutes than the first release, Het Gebeente is a more mature, confident and assured selection of dark hymns.

Starting off with a piano intro, the remaining five songs, (the sixth is different), mix the second wave of black metal with Continue reading


Ande – Licht (Review)

AndeAnde is a Black Metal solo project from Belgium. This is his début release.

With each song separated by a short atmospheric interlude, we get three actual songs that evoke the original Black Metal template with a atmospheric and emotive sheen.

The music has good riffs, good atmosphere and tasty screams. It’s a short but enjoyable release that lets the listener wallow in the blackened depths of an atavistic style.

Old-school and obscure, this will likely be overlooked by most fans of the style, which is a real shame as Licht is an extremely satisfying listen. This strikes all of the right notes and moods without feeling stale or done-to-death.

The songs have a relatively good degree of variety between them and the interludes all work well to provide an unusual atmosphere between the blackened abysses that the songs create. I prefer the slower, more atmospheric sections over the faster ones, but the faster ones are still very well done.

The recording is well pitched, with just the right mixture of clarity and rawness that a release like this deserves.

I really enjoyed this.