Curse of Cain – Curse of Cain (Review)

Curse of Cain - Curse of CainThis is the debut album from Swedish metal band Curse of Cain.

Now here’s an interesting and unexpected release. Curse of Cain‘s 42 minutes weaves a compelling post-apocalyptic story that cooks together a bunch of different ingredients that probably shouldn’t work, but actually does. The end result is tasty and satisfying.

The band’s style is one that features a few different influences – modern metal, nu-metal, metalcore, Gothic rock, symphonic metal, and heavy metal, to name but a few – to produce an album that’s a curious and enjoyable mix of old and new sounds. Try to visualise a diverse mix of elements from bands such as Slipknot, Deathstars, Mushroomhead, Paradise Lost, Mnemic, and Theatre of Tragedy, (and more), and you might be prepared for the dance-friendly end times story that Curse of Cain craft.

Each song on Curse of Cain has its own personality and character. Each reveals a new facet of Curse of Cain’s music, while still keeping within their musical framework. European power metal influences sit next to nu-metal ones seamlessly. Metalcore collides with Gothic rock without a hitch. The only requirement for what to include seems to be the need to produce catchy songs that you can easily imagine being played in packed live shows at full volume.

Blending their influences – from the 90s to the present day – into well-crafted and professional songs, this is an album of both surprising substance and considerable style. The vocals are as diverse as the music – more so – and the band are adept at collectively producing a range of shouts and cleans that are all well-performed and emotive.

Ultimately, I suppose, Curse of Cain sounds like something from the 2000s that’s been updated for the present day, and as such is right up my alleyway. Curse of Cain’s sci-fi-themed metal is infectious and filled with hooks and anthemic choruses. What more could you want? I really enjoyed this, and I urge you to check out its many-sided metallic journey.

Very highly recommended.


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