Thanatomass – Hades (Review)

Thanatomass - HadesThanatomass are a black metal band from Russia and this is their debut album.

Ever wondered what 44 minutes of elemental blackened cruelty and severity sounds like? Then wonder no more, as on Hades Thanatomass bring us an album that’s surely the aural equivalent of the underworld after which it is named.

Hades is the sound of violence and atmosphere colliding in an unholy mix of vicious black metal and shades of death metal. Hades is a brutal listen, but this serrated brutality is driven forcefully home through a veil of esoteric mood that’s thickly applied in places. How do Thanatomass manage to create both atmosphere and barbarity? I dread to ask, as surely otherworldly forces are a factor here.

Despite my use of the word atmosphere so far, be under no illusions about Hades; this is unfriendly, nasty stuff. Hades channels daemonic insanity into lengthy black metal songs that are surprisingly well-crafted for how primitive and evil they are. Beneath their hostile exterior, these songs are complex and nuanced beasts that might snarl and rage, but also conceal malevolent depths that ensnare the unwary.

Thanatomass obviously know how to manage whatever malefic deals that they have made, as the infernal music on Hades is a feast of blackened underground horror for connoisseurs to get their teeth into.

If you’re able to survive Thanatomass’ lethal misanthropic assault, then this is highly recommended.


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