Vintersea – Woven into Ashes (Review)

Vintersea - Woven into AshesThis is the third album from US progressive metal band Vintersea.

Woven into Ashes contains 51 minutes of progressive extreme metal that should find favour with fans of bands such as An Abstract Illusion, Aversed, Dawn of Ouroboros, Kassogtha, Ne Obliviscaris, Oceans of Slumber, and Wintersun.

Vintersea take elements of melodic black and death metal and blend them into a progressive extreme metal template that works well across Woven into Ashes. Their sound is reminiscent in places of many of the bands mentioned above, but not to the extent that Vintersea lack their own personality; the band are a fully formed entity in their own right.

Vintersea are clearly a talented bunch that have a number of assets that enhance Woven into Ashes. One of the most powerful of these is their singer, who has an envious range spanning from the aggressive and harsh to the soaring and beautiful. Her voice is impressive and potent, and her performance strong throughout, no matter whether she is screaming, growling, or singing.

The music is well-written and arranged, and benefits from the skilled technical abilities of the band members. It also has a firm emotive base too, allowing for the creation of mood and feeling through the application of atmosphere and melody. Running from scathing brutality to ethereal beauty, the songs cover a lot of ground, and it’s clear much passion and attention to detail has gone into Woven into Ashes.

With plenty of melodic hooks, good ideas, blackened aggression, and well-written choruses, Woven into Ashes is a very engaging and enjoyable album. The balance between extremity and accessibility is well-judged, and this album should be on the radar of any fan of heavy music.

Very highly recommended.


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