God Disease – Apocalyptic Doom (Review)

God Disease - Apocalyptic DoomGod Disease are a Finnish death/doom metal band and this is their second album.

God Disease play old-school death metal that’s been injected with a overwhelming dose of ancient virulent doom. The resulting monstrosity offers a slow, oppressive embrace of doom-fuelled heaviness and darkness.

Ohhhh the doom. The sweet, exquisite, miserable doom. DOOOOOM. God Disease know a thing or two about doom, and the well-named Apocalyptic Doom is the perfect vehicle for their vision of what death/doom should be all about. It’s heavy, it’s drenched in doom-drenched atmosphere, and it’s absolutely crushing.

Apocalyptic Doom is dark, destructive, and mood-rich with negativity. The band’s sound is old-school and ancient, yet sounds remarkably fertile in their time-worn hands. Well-written and bleakly expressive, these songs are filled with engaging ideas and creative flourishes, elevating them above the usual standard heard in this genre. There’s nuance to be found amidst the despair too, and God Disease know how to make the most of these thin slivers of shaded nightmare.

All aspects of Apocalyptic Doom are finely wrought and of high quality. Some of the riffs in particular are very effective, and the band’s use of melody is superb. This is a very eloquent and emotive brand of death/doom, one which is surprisingly warm and emotively well-rounded for such an ultimately harrowing and grim piece of work.

Apocalyptic Doom essentially sounds like apocalyptic doom. That’s basically the review. This is, obviously, a very good thing, and God Disease have produced a stellar record here.

If you’re a fan of bands such as Soliloquium, Temple of Void, Hooded Menace, Paradise Lost, Doom:VS, Oak, Druid Lord, and the like, then this is pretty much an essential listen for you.

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