Morass of Molasses – End All We Know (Review)

Morass of Molasses - End All We KnowThis is the third album from Morass of Molasses, a stoner rock/metal band from the UK.

Following on from 2019’s The Ties That Bind, End All We Know contains 38 minutes of fuzzed-out jams. Playing a stoner-inflected brand of heavy blues that benefits from metal and rock components, Morass of Molasses bring us an individual vision of a well-worn style.

The music is laid down on a solid foundation of traditional elements. Stoner, hard rock, prog, heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and blues influences all come together into a charismatic album that’s not afraid to do its own thing with the style it loves. There’s a contemporary heaviness here in places too that comes from the more modern stoner and sludge scenes, and this is merged seamlessly with the old-school aspects of the music.

End All We Know somehow manages to balance mellow and energetic feelings pretty much throughout its running time. Of course, the band veer into one side more than the other here and there, but it’s a fascinating and effective sound that they have crafted for themselves. This can also be said of the songwriting itself, as these tracks balance tradition with experimentation, making for interesting interpretations of many standard genre tropes.

Morass of Molasses have produced something that simultaneously belongs wholeheartedly to the stoner style, while also offering the listener something a little different too. I’m not quite sure how they have accomplished this, but they have, and it has made for a compelling piece of work.

A highly recommended listen.


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