Maze of Sothoth – Extirpated Light (Review)

Maze of Sothoth - Extirpated LightThis is the second album from Italian death metallers Maze of Sothoth.

Featuring a member of Beheaded, Maze of Sothoth deliver a scathing brand of death metal on Extirpated Light. Following on from 2017’s Soul Demise, this new material is a 36-minute journey into dark realms of brutality and horror. Yep, this is the stuff right here.

Extirpated Light balances traditional death metal songcraft with blazing technical aggression. Imagine an unholy mixture of Morbid Angel and Origin, and you’ll be on the right lines. Maze of Sothoth have developed their sound into a fully formed, well-rounded death metal killing machine. With an old-school heart and a technical arsenal of bladed weaponry, the band unleash ferocious blast beats and murderous riffs as if they were going out of fashion. The songs are well-written and barbed with hooks, making for music that’s infectious and moreish.

Some of the guitars on this album are captivating. Sometimes it’s the sheer serpentine speed they move at, while at others it’s a crushing riff that grabs your attention. Occasionally an otherworldly solo rips through the fabric of reality to sear your mind. The band are adept at tearing out lethal speed and complexity – all without sacrificing the song itself – but are also perfectly capable of crafting macabre mood and delivering malevolent presence.

Brutally satisfying and furiously enjoyable, Extirpated Light is a very impressive slab of death metal. Maze of Sothoth have more than made good on their early promise.

Very highly recommended.


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