Dead Soul Alliance – Spiralling to Lunacy (Review)

Dead Soul Alliance - Spiralling to LunacyThis is the second album from Canadian death metal band Dead Soul Alliance.

2017’s Slaves to the Apocalypse and 2021’s Behind the Scenes were both solid slabs of 90s-influenced old-school death metal. Spiralling to Lunacy finds Dead Soul Alliance in fine form, delivering another 31 minutes of satisfying carnage.

Aggressive and assured, Spiralling to Lunacy strides forth from the darkness with crunchy riffs and melodic might. It is immediately apparent that Dead Soul Alliance have put a lot of work into this new album, and it showcases the band’s best work yet. Professional and well-written, Spiralling to Lunacy is the sound of a death metal band that know what they want to achieve, and have the tools to do so.

The band’s mix of US and European influences inject their work with a song-focused approach that is well-realised by their songwriting skills. Spiralling to Lunacy is more energetic and brutal than its predecessor, yet sacrifices nothing in its songcraft. The melodies are more effective this time around and the riffs more powerful. The former in particular are expressed more on this new record, revealing a melodic death metal streak that accompanies the chunkier heaviness of the music’s core.

The band’s classic interpretation of death metal is well-rendered and powered by clear passion, resulting in a collection of songs that are short and brutal, while remaining catchy and infectious.

My early enjoyment of Dead Soul Alliance has borne fruit as now the band sound fully formed and ready to take on all comers. Spiralling to Lunacy is an album that any fan of the classic death metal style should check out.

Very highly recommended.


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