Suasion – The Infinite (Review)

Suasion - The InfiniteSuasion are a Belgian modern metal band this is their second album.

Suasion’s music is a modern brand of metal that has electronic, ambient, and orchestral enhancements, alongside influences from metalcore, alternative metal, progressive rock, djent, pop, and industrial. A lot has gone into the making of The Infinite, and the band’s ambition is well-realised.

The Infinite is well-crafted, with high production values. It has broad cinematic scope and is steeped in atmospheric ambience and dance-worthy beats. Its electronic components are a primary part of the music’s identity, with rich synths and techno beats complementing the rest of the musical ingredients. This is part of the reason that The Infinite is so danceable, and the catchiness of the music doesn’t hurt either.

The songs are filled with hooks and sci-fi themes and sounds. The music is dramatic and bold, but doesn’t lack nuance where needed. The amount of electronic enrichment may be a deterrent to some, especially in the vocal department, (the vocalist has a strong voice, but there are lots of effects). However, if you’re not bothered by this, then The Infinite offers a lot to explore, along with some Grade A choruses to listen to while you’re doing it.

The Infinite offers an epic journey into futuristic realms and sci-fi narratives. Suasion clearly know what they want to achieve with their art, and have the knowledge and skill to deliver on this.

Highly recommended for fans of modern heavy music.


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