Mask of Prospero – Hiraeth (Review)

Mask of Prospero - HiraethMask of Prospero are a modern metal band from Greece and this is their second album.

Hiraeth provides a 41-minute contemporary blend of progressive metal, djent, and metalcore.

These eight songs are largely written in a metalcore-esque fashion, with alternating light and heavy moments and equally alternating harsh and clean singing. Of course, this is an oversimplification, but it gives a general idea of what you’re in for on Hiraeth.

The music’s modern progressive metal influences help to elevate the music past simple metalcore-by-numbers, and the band reveal an obvious passion and talent for this sort of style. Electronic enrichments with cinematic ambitions enhance this further; Hiraeth is a professional-sounding record, boasting a rich ambience and texture that surrounds the songs like a seal of quality.

The music’s aggressive aspects are nicely heavy and have a jagged feel that’s part metalcore and part djent. The more atmospheric and emotive aspects allow the music to breathe, and the singer’s clean vocals are especially well-performed.

Hiraeth is a solid album that speaks well of its creators’ vision for emotive heavy music. If you’re a fan of this contemporary form of progressive metalcore then you can do a lot worse than checking this out.

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