Re-Buried – Repulsive Nature (Review)

Re-Buried - Repulsive NatureThis is the debut album from US death metal band Re-Buried.

I very much enjoyed Re-Buried’s 2021 split with Deconsecration, so have been looking forward to Repulsive Nature. This anticipation only increased when I saw the striking album art, and also when I realised that there are two members of the amazing Un in this band.

Repulsive Nature contains 31 minutes of material, including two songs from the aforementioned split, (Sepulchral Stench and Hypocrisy Incarnate), that have been rerecorded and retooled.

Re-Buried’s death metal is brutal and unforgiving. It offers a traditional death metal experience that’s infectious in its delivery and lethal in application. The songs are short and murderous, swarming the listener with a plague of virulent riffs and dark growls. Macabre melody is occasionally used to good effect, although most of the music is focused on causing harm through brutal devastation.

The gruesome guitars are very satisfying, whether tearing out at great speed or obliterating with a crushing groove. With the bass and drums providing a punishing framework, the guitars shape and channel the band’s aggression into songs that hit you with a hammer first, and then don’t bother asking questions later as they just hit you with the hammer again and again. Because that’s what death metal does, and Repulsive Nature is death metal through and through.

Repulsive Nature delivers a sickening slice of morbid USDM, and Re-Buried’s music is easy to enjoy if you’re a fan of the style.

Very highly recommended.

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