Deconsecration/Re-Buried – Split (Review)

Deconsecration Re-Buried - SplitDeconsecration and Re-Buried are both US death metal bands, and this split is their collective non-demo debut release.

Deconsecration get the ball rolling, with 4 songs in a meaty 18 minutes.

Deconsecration’s material is full of beefy riffs and old-school death metal knowhow. The songs are well-written and leave you with the sort of satisfied feeling that only good death metal can deliver. The band are clearly comfortable with their grisly trade, whether plied at visceral speed, at furious mid-paced barrage, or at a bone-crushing crawl.

There’s lots to like on these songs, and I particularly enjoy the solos – bright splashes of arterial colour arcing out over malevolent guitars. Very nice indeed. The cavernous vocals are impressive. Guttural and inhuman, they’re the perfect type of deep growl for this sort of music. On top of all of this, these songs sound menacing, with a really dark macabre atmosphere.

I thoroughly enjoyed Deconsecration’s side of this split. Ones to watch for sure.

Re-Buried follow their compatriots with 5 songs in a scant 14 minutes.

Re-Buried also adopt an old-school manner of assault, only one that’s rawer and grittier, with arguably a more brutal approach. This is a band that like to go in for the kill, with blasting brutality and sharpened spikes. They do sometimes lock into a filthy groove though, and even throw in the occasional savage melody here and there. The songs are on the shorter side and have a hint of grindcore in places, yet still manage to be packed with plenty of tasty content.

Re-Buried have made a good impression with their side of the split.

This is a very enjoyable split release, with lots of high quality effort clearly put into it from all angles. If you want to know what’s bubbling in the death metal underground that’s worth paying attention to, then this is a great place to start.

Very highly recommended.

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