Chamber of Mirrors – Shadow Kingdom (Review)

Chamber of Mirrors - Shadow KingdomThis is the debut album from US one-man black metal act Chamber of Mirrors.

Delivering 35 minutes of underground black metal, Shadow Kingdom is a good showcase for what the artist behind Chamber of Mirrors is capable of.

The music of Chamber of Mirrors is raw and atmospheric black metal. It’s instantly appealing with its of grim aesthetics and well-developed sense of grandeur. Synths add layers of atmosphere, while the guitars evoke images of frozen landscapes and frosted majesty. The songs are relatively brief, but punch above their weight class. Shadow Kingdom is an album to take in as a whole, although having said that you could pick any track here at random and get a dose of the good stuff, (with the exception of the title track, which is a synth interlude).

There is a lot of engaging content in these songs, and the themes, feelings, and soundscapes are well-realised. They’re mood-based first and foremost, although occasionally the aggression ramps up noticeably or a piercing lead shrieks out of the speakers like a spear. The artist behind the band clearly has a firm understanding of the style, and also a strong vision for his music. The end result is an album of charismatic and immersive black metal.

Shadow Kingdom is an enjoyable journey into the atmospheric realms of the black metal underground. If you have a taste for the raw and esoteric auras of blackened darkness, then make sure you check this out.


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