-(16)- – Into Dust (Review)

-(16)- - Into Dust-(16)- are a sludge metal band from the US and this is their ninth album.

Ever since hearing and really enjoying 2020’s Dream Squasher, I’ve been looking forward to its follow up. And now it’s here; Into Dust contains 44 minutes of filth and fury for us to be entertained by.

The sludge metal template that -(16)- uses and abuses once again fuses together metal, hardcore, stoner, and doom elements into a raging mass of riffs and heaviness. This time around the band are heavier and more intense, but without losing their varied or emotive delivery. There are more songs on Into Dust than on the last couple of albums, but each one still has its own personality and gnarled charms. The band have also lost their singer, with vocal duties now handled by their very capable guitarist.

-(16)- know a damn good riff when they peel one off, and Into Dust is full of the things. You can’t move for being assailed by grimy sludge riffs that are not only crushingly heavy, but remarkably catchy and persistent. These songs want to be heard, and they do their damnedest to make sure that they are. Yes, – (16)-‘s enviable songwriting chops are in fine form on Into Dust. The songs have hooks aplenty, be they guitar- or vocal-based, and the entire album is a joy to listen to.

To me, this is what sludge metal should sound like. A terrific combination of bands such as Crowbar, Acid Bath, Corrosion of Conformity, and Eyehategod, -(16)- nonetheless have their own character and sound that’s entirely their own.

Into Dust is a top quality album that delivers a hugely enjoyable and satisfying listen. If you don’t know -(16)- then please rectify that immediately.

Very highly recommended.

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