Krisiun – Mortem Solis (Review)

Krisiun - Mortem SolisThis is the twelfth album from Krisiun, a death metal band from Brazil.

Mortem Solis is a 40-minute earthquake of pure death metal carnage. If you’re into the style then there’s nothing to not enjoy here, so sit back, turn up the volume, and get ready to be crushed.

The songs are brutal and uncompromising. Fast and merciless, they speed by with lethal intensity and blistering melodies, lacerating all that get close to them. Wreathed in barbed hooks, the music has a larger quotient of catchy and memorable parts than you might be expecting, (unless you are already familiar with Krisiun’s work, of course).

The songwriting is simple and direct, relying on a strong set of riffs, macabre melodies, murderous barked growls, percussive punishment, and industrial strength bass. Because Krisiun live and breathe this sort of death metal, it works extremely well. Whereas in the hands of a lesser band this approach might feel uninspired or lacking, in Krisiun’s it is both satisfying and rewarding.

For fans of no-nonsense brutal death metal, Mortem Solis offers a feast of meaty material to satiate. Crafted by decades of experience and delivered with consummate skill and devastating professional precision, Krisiun’s latest record hits the spot nicely.

Highly recommended for any fan of the style.

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